MARK 2 Bikes guarantees that all of our bikes are free from defective materials, constructional defects and oxidisation (rusting) so long as the conditions set out in this Mark 2 Guarantee Programme are met.

The rights from the Mark 2 Guarantee Programme are only applicable to the first owner of the bike. These rights are in no way transferable.

Specification and terms of the Mark 2 Guarantee Programme

A guarantee for the period of 1 year applies to the frame, batteries, other electronic equipment and all other Mark 2 parts (including the paint and clear coat) after the date of delivery. For the parts of third parties, the guarantee conditions for the relative producer are valid and applicable.

The guarantee does not apply to parts that are susceptible to wear and tear, such as tyres, chains, brakes, cables, cassettes, derailleur in the circumstance that they are not assembly or material defects.

The guarantee lapses in the event:

The bike has been used for rental or any other professional purposes;

The bike has been subject to damage due to use in competitions, jumping, downhill, trial or due to exposing/ riding the bike in severe conditions or climates.

The bike has been involved in an accident.

The bike has been operated in a manner not concurrent to its sort and type. This includes any other means that deviate from the usual.

The bike has been assembled with non-original parts.

The first owner has transferred the bike to a third person.

MARK 2 Bikes LTD has the ultimate decision on the acceptance of a guarantee claim and the choice between replacement or reimbursement.


MARK 2 Bikes excludes any and all liability for damage to the bike or parts that have arisen from incorrect tuning of moving parts, the improper use of the bike and the improper maintenance of the bike. This includes damage as a result of untimely replacement of parts which suffer wear and tear.

Under the circumstance that a claim is accepted by MARK 2 Bikes, this does not imply an acceptance of the liability for possible damages. MARK 2 excludes all liability for which we are not legally bound to compensate these damages.

The guarantee offered in the Mark 2 Guarantee Programme is an addition to the legal rights in your respective country.