Electric bikes are our passion. We looked hard at the e-bikes on offer and knew we could do better, much better. We wanted to design an e-bike that you and we feel proud of. An e-bike will make your commute easier and help you power up hills, but we wanted it to have outstanding build quality, power that lasts far longer than existing e-bikes, and it has to look cool. This meant discreetly housing the battery within the frame.

“You’ll be as proud of your e-bike as we are”

Increasing Demand

E-bike sales are on the rise. There are now more e-bikes than cars on Europe and China’s roads and global sales are predicted to reach 40 million by 2023. We knew that by producing an e-bike that beats its rivals for performance and aesthetics, customers would love our bikes. We want you to look and feel great on your e-bike.

Mark 2 Electric Bikes, The Spec

We began by listening; Mark 2 e-bikes had to be everything you wished for, and more. Mark Elliot, founder of Mark 2 determined to create a bike that ′combined excellent performance with great looks‘. Our range began with The Scrambler and The X-Cross, both built with a lightweight aluminium frame and up to 60 miles of assisted power from an extraordinarily good motor. Both bikes are perfect for commuting, touring, on-road and off-road, capable of taking you where you want to go. The Scrambler is the one to choose if your lifestyle includes mountain biking. with this bike you have it all, commute during the week, off-road scrambling at the weekend. The X-Cross is more than capable but the best e-bike for commuting and more leisurely cycling.

Life-Enhancing E-bikes

Mark 2 electric bikes have enhanced the lives of many happy customers. Now that we are established and highly regarded in the e-bike world, we are already working on increasing the range. E-bikes are for everyone, hence our tagline, “In our world no one gets left behind…”

Mark 2 are the vanguard of one of the most exciting, efficient, and life-enhancing new means of urban and recreational transport.

  • Easy to ride
  • Convenient
  • Healthy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fun
  • Cool-looking
  • Affordable

We have achieved what we set out to, we believe we have produced the best electric bikes available in the UK for looks and performance. A discreetly tucked away battery that provides almost twice the miles of other bikes, and the price gives unbelievably good value. Just like our bikes, we can go so much further, watch this space.