As the ways in which people get from A to B continues to evolve, more and more of us are looking at electric bikes as not just a novelty but as an increasingly convenient means of tackling hills, speeding up commutes, and continuing to enjoy one of the healthiest recreational pursuits available long into our later years

Across the world, the e-bike industry is starting to shift through its gears. Global sales of e-bikes are predicted to reach 40 million by 2023 and there are already more e-bikes than cars on roads throughout Europe and China. Safe to say, then, that e-bikes are here to stay and that pioneers such as MARK 2 in Norwich, Norfolk are at the vanguard of one of the most exciting, efficient, and life-enhancing new means of urban and recreational transport.

For us, it’s not enough to be more convenient, healthy, and environmentally friendly, an electric bike must also be great fun to ride. Fortunate, then, that the MARK 2 range is one that people can’t wait to take for a spin. No wonder. The beauty of a MARK 2 e-bike is that with the flick of a switch you can add power to your pedalling, turning mountains into molehills, making long journeys a jaunt, and headwinds a breeze.

Aesthetically, it’s a fantastic looking bike that just happens to be electrically assisted. It’s the reason we integrated the battery and motor into the design of the bike frame. No obvious electronics. No e-bike stigma. Just a relatively low-price tag, tiny running costs, and superb build quality, what’s not to love?