E-Bikes – Invest in Your Health

Inactivity Causes Poor Health

In May 2019 NHS published a study which revealed 29% of adults in the UK are obese. As our lifestyles change for the worse, our health and fitness suffer. We drive to work or use public transport, and we work in front of a computer screen, we also spend long hours at work and we have less leisure time, we spend more time on social media and far less time being active outdoors. All these lifestyle changes mean our health and wellbeing has changed too. It is never too late to change and we can tell you how electric bikes are the perfect antidote.

Studies suggest that from the age of 50 we lose up to 2% muscle mass per year. This causes our metabolism to decrease and consequently, the weight creeps on. Take a look at the NHS study here, it outlines how a lack of regular activity at any age is associated with a dramatic increase in cases of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, musculo-skeletal problems and other lifestyle diseases. Whatever age you are and however unfit you feel, now is the time to choose to get fit, and stay fit.

Our health and wellbeing matters, arguably above everything. If we are not mentally or physically fit, work life and home life suffer and a downward spiral begins.

fat pug sitting on chair not exercising

Image taken by Jorge Zapata on Unsplash

How Are You Doing?

Do you feel like fitness is out of reach?

Honestly, do any of the points below resonate with you?

  • It’s been too long since you did any exercise
  • You’ve lost your confidence
  • You feel too unfit to begin exercise
  • You are too busy, when would you find the time?
  • What if you can’t do it?
  • Your joints would struggle if you exercised

You CAN get fit and you can find time, and here’s how… An electric bike is fitness that is tailored to you. Minimal stress on your joints with a good cardiovascular workout in the fresh air. Ebikes build your fitness, and your confidence.

A couple and their electric bikes

Have You Considered an eBike?

Electric Bikes are for everyone

Electric bikes take away your fear and give you back your confidence. From the outset, you are in control of how much effort you put in and how much support need so you can exercise without fear.

An e-bike is the perfect way to return to fitness, and stay fit. Set off on your cycle route without fear of insurmountable hills, unachievable distances or simply not being fit enough to get home again. Push yourself to limits that are right for you then flick the switch and let the motor silently kick in to add power to your pedalling. Use the power to get you up steep hills, to take you further than you thought possible and to support you in your journey to fitness. Mark 2 ebikes have robust build quality, stylish aesthetics and the high quality lithium-ion battery gives you power for up to 60 miles assisted pedalling, that’s almost twice the power of other ebikes. As your fitness level increases, your use of assisted pedalling decreases, YOU are in charge.

Electric bikes healthy exercise and fresh air

Health Benefits of Electric Bikes

Invest in Your Future Health

Many health issues are caused by poor diet and sedentary lifestyles. Diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, strokes, joint problems and other musculo-skeletal issues are avoidable, and reversible. If you had a choice between a healthy, productive and enjoyable future or one fraught with ill health and inabilty to function, wouldn’t you choose to be healthy?

An electric bike is not only an investment in a healthy future, it is an easy, affordable and enjoyable way to improve mental and physical health. You get the added benefits of going further to see more countryside, being outdoors with nature, and taking in fresh air. All of the enjoyment, none of the worry.

Electric bike Mark 2 in Countryside Get Fit

10 Benefits of an Electric Bike:

  • Healthy exercise in fresh air
  • Low intensity, putting less strain on your joints (See our post here)
  • Go further than you would on an ordinary bike
  • Know you can tackle steep hills on an eBike
  • Confidently know you can cycle for long and varied routes
  • Commute to work, beat the traffic, no parking stress
  • Spend time outdoors, close to nature
  • You still have to pedal when the motor is on, you are still exercising
  • Build confidence, you control your assistance level, and your fitness
  • An affordable investment in your future health, cheaper than gym membership and lots more fun
Electric bikes from Mark 2 ebikes

Look Forward to a Healthy Future

Healthy exercise comes with weight loss, muscle tone, improved organ function, better cirulation, a faster metabolism, stronger mental and physical health and a decreased likelihood of disease. Fitness activities mean valuable time away from the pressures and demands of a modern lifestyle.

With a Mark 2 ebike you know you can do it, and you know that you will be supported all the way and your electric bike will support you on your fitness journey, no matter how fit or unfit you are at the start. Ebikes provide assistance as and when you need it, just flick the switch. To find out more about the Mark 2 eBike range, have a look here.

At Mark 2, no-one gets left behind

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