Our most commonly asked questions about eBikes

What is the battery life of a Mark 2 electric bike?

Every one of our Mark 2 batteries comes with a two-year minimum capacity guarantee of 70%. In the unlikely situation it drops below this level, it will be replaced free of charge. With some basic maintenance, the battery will likely last much longer than this.

Is a Mark 2 electric bike noisy?

No! Our ebikes have a 250W Provomec motor which, although powerful, is barely audible. We want you to look and feel confident on your electric bike, neither you nor anyone else will hear it when you switch to power assisted pedalling

Is an electric mountain bike more likely to get a puncture?

The MARK 2 Scrambler electric mountain bike uses Schwalbe’s specially designed eMTB Smart Sam tyre with Double Defence puncture protection, so you can rest assured knowing you’re well covered!

Can I remove the ebike battery?

The ebike battery is easily removable with a secure key so you can simply take the battery inside to charge your MARK 2. Mark 2 electric bikes are also designed to be strong and rigid enough to allow cycling without the batteries attached if you choose.

Do I have to pedal an electric bike?

It is a legal requirement for electric bikes that power assistance only be applied when the user is pedalling. If you don’t wish to pedal, we suggest a big downhill route.

How fast can I go on an electric bike?

You can go as fast as you like on your electric bike, but the pedal assist will cut out at 15.5mph to comply with EU law.

Where can I ride my new eBike?

An electric bike can be ridden anywhere  a traditional bike can be ridden (only further and faster).

What's the range of an electric bike?

The Mark 2 ebike battery will give you about 30 to 60 miles of use, depending on the terrain. On flatter roads, it will be nearer to 60 miles, while if you are on a very hilly route, the battery will provide around 30 miles of use. The Mark 2 ebike motor is only activated when needed so you can cover some very long distances if you wish!

Are MARK 2 eBikes legal in the UK?

Every MARK 2 electric bike fulfills every UK legal requirements.

How do I know which is the best eBike to buy?

There is a vast range of electric bikes on the market. We looked at the eBikes available and determined to design a bike that gave you outstanding quality at an affordable price. We believe our electric bikes are difficult to beat.

What if something were to go wrong with my electric bike?

You can rest assured knowing that you are covered for two years by the MARK 2 ebike guarantee programme. We are very confident of the quality of our electric bikes. For more information, see our warranty page.

How long does the ebike battery take to charge?

Your Mark 2 electric bike battery will take 4-5 hours to charge from flat. We recommend regular charging for the health and longevity of the battery.

What are the running costs of an electric bike?

A charge from empty will cost only around three pence! Electric bikes are a very economical and environmentally friendly form of transport

How heavy is a Mark 2 ebike?

Yes it is, the MARK 2 Scrambler ebike only weighs 19.2kgs and the MARK 2 X-Cross checks in at 21.1kgs. These are impressively low compared to other ebikes

Can I ride an electric bike without power?

Yes! The low weight of the Mark 2 ebike makes it easy to ride with or without power.

Where should I service my eBike?

Mark 2 eBikes use standard bike components, therefore you can take it to any normal bicycle workshop.