Where can I buy the best ebike? It’s a great question. E-bikes are on the rise as more and more people discover how life-enhancing they are. In our opinion, an e-bike is an investment in to your future. An investment that you’ll want to get right. We don’t want you to spend your hard-earned cash on a bike that is not great quality, won’t last, or doesn’t provide great value for money. Read on to see what factors should influence your decision to buy an electric bike and which bike is right for you.

“We want you to be as proud of your e-bike as we are.”

The Best E-bike For You

When choosing an e-bike, there are key things to consider. Apart from cost, quality and function affect which eBike you should buy. Let us tell you why we believe that a Mark 2 is the best eBike you could buy.

There’s the battery and motor…

You’ll find many e-bikes have a large, noisy battery with limited power. In real terms you need a bike that looks good and will provide assisted pedalling for as long as you need it, anything less is just not good enough.

The Mark 2 has a slim and super-sexy lithium-ion Sanyo battery packing 36V 37w Wh (10.4 Ah). What this means to you is, you can flick a switch and have assisted pedalling for up to 60 miles, that’s around twice as far as our competitors. This state-of-the-art battery is hidden within the frame so barely noticeable. The long-lasting battery is combined with a rear 250W Provomec high torque motor to offer you an e-bike that outstrips its competitors on style and substance. Charging only takes 4-5 hours from flat. Go further, charge less, and look cool (if you’ve looked at other e-bikes you’ll see what we mean). With a Mark 2 you can go wherever you want, knowing you’ll get back with a smile on your face, still loving cycling.

Battery chamber on electric bike ebike     Electric bike mountain e-bike steep slope Mark 2
Powerful battery discreetly hidden within the frame and rear Provomec 250W motor
Then there’s the display…

The easy to read Provomec smart display is an LCD screen that clearly shows the speed you are travelling at, your trip distance, the battery-life and the assistance level you have chosen at any given time. The power levels and the cleverly integrated lights are all controlled by easy-to-reach buttons beside the display. Both the X-Cross and the Scrambler include a ‘Walk-Assist’ mode so steps are not a problem. We want you to know just how well you are doing and how far you have come.

Smart display on electric bike to show mileage

Smart Display Clearly Shows Your Progress

And there’s the brakes…

When it comes to brakes, they need to be top quality, tried and tested brakes that you can rely on. We want you to be able to confidently put this bike through its paces without the worry of brakes failing. The Shimano M315 hydraulic brake system gives you the confidence and the reassurance that comes with precision engineering, reliability and performance, whatever the conditions.

Shimano rear brakes on electric bike

Shimano rear brake, reliable, high performance


Not forgetting the frame…

Some e-bikes out there are heavy, too heavy to lift meaning you can’t lift your bike onto a car carrier, over steps or onto the back of a motorhome. We believe an e-bike should give you freedom without limits, so we designed our e-bike with a specially toughened 6061 lightweight aluminium frame. Overall weight is an impressively low 19.2 kg for the Scrambler or 21.7 kg for the X-Cross. Have bike, will travel.

Lightweight Electric bike carried by lady

Lightweight aluminium frame


Mark 2’s impressive gears

Ever been on a bike with rubbish gears? We wanted to create the best e-bike for you so we chose Shimano gears. The front derailleur is a mighty fine Shimano, Tourney 3-speed FD-TY710-TS3. The rear derailleur is the Shimano, Acera 8-speed RD-M3000, SGS Shadow. A combination that gives you smooth, slick changes through 24 gears with comforting speed and accuracy, you’ll wonder how you ever put up with bikes with shoddy gear systems. All you need to focus on is enjoying your bike ride.

Gears on electric bike Mark 2 ebikes

24 gears keep you in control of your cycling



We built a bike that we’re proud of, as is every owner of a Mark 2. Why?Mark, Founder of Mark 2 wanted to…

“create a bike that looked great and worked well, with the bonus that it has a powerful electric motor. So you can use it at the weekend for exercise with the motor off and if you want, during the week to commute with no sweat.”

Mark Elliot, Founder

So to answer your question, ‘Where Can I buy the best ebike?’ Our answer is, right here, at Mark 2 eBikes, online or at our shop in Pewsey

electric bike Shop interior Mark 2 ebikes

Welcome to Mark 2

Why Our Customers Love Our E-bikes

With a Mark 2, you really can have it all, a bike with longer-lasting power, style and performance. Take a look at our 5 Star Reviews to see what our customers think of their Mark 2. Take a look at the spec of our bikes here and see how well they compare with other eBikes on the market.

Contact us if you’d like to chat, we’re always happy to talk about eBikes.