Looking For The Best Electric Bike? Take a look at the Mark 2

What Makes Mark 2 So Special

We could list many reasons why we think a Mark 2 is the best electric bike you’ll find… so we will.

  • Mark 2 eBikes have outstanding build quality
  • Mark 2 eBikes have a battery that lasts almost twice as long as its competitors
  • The long-lasting battery is hidden discreetly within the frame
  • Our electric bikes are relatively lightweight because of clever design features and a lightweight aluminium frame
  • We have chosen the best quality components from the best manufacturers: Provomec motors, Sanyo batteries, Shimano brakes and gears
  • Our choice of the Mark 2 Scrambler or the Mark 2 X-Cross cover your every cycling need: Commuting, scrambling, off-road, on-road, touring, leisure cycling, you can do it all with a Mark 2
  • Unlike many electric bikes on the market, our eBikes look super stylish, no bulky battery is visible, you will look great
  • Mark 2 electric bikes are fantastic value. We know we could charge more, but above all, we want to make our eBikes as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.
Electric bikes from Mark 2 ebikes

How Much Are Electric Bikes?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised

At the time of writing we have managed to maintain our incredible prices. Both the Scrambler mountain bike, and the X-Cross commuter bike are currently only £1,699. We will be honest, post Brexit is an unknown and may affect prices for us, similarly, a new import tax is on the horizon. We will keep our prices fair and honest, so you can keep cycling.



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Want to Find Out More?

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An electric bike is an investment in your future. We recommend you do your research, read the reviews and have a look at the FAQs on our site. If you need to chat we are here, just contact us. If you are in Wiltshire, you are most welcome to pop in to our store in Pewsey where you can take our electric bikes out for a test drive. We have bikes available to buy or hire for the day.

A recent review from Mr Andy Wye:

Brilliant bikes. Been looking for 2 years. First class service, demo bikes and a rolling road. Faultless!